Innovative React Native Apps- Top 5 Examples

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As technology advances, more and more apps are being introduced to us. Building an app takes a lot of time and work. Developing a fool-proof code is not a bed of roses. You have to be attentive towards even the minutest details because a single code mistake can result in a crashed app. Some apps that work efficiently on Android get stuck on iOS.

Most of the best apps used by millions daily are developed using the same JavaScript framework. We will discuss these apps in this blog today. But first, do you want to know what that framework is? If yes, then keep reading!

What is React Native?

In 2015, Facebook introduced an open-source JavaScript library for developing native apps for different platforms like Android and iOS. It uses UI elements to build fool-proof apps that are being used by millions of users online. This JavaScript Framework is called React Native.
You don't have to change the code base, as the same can be applied to any platform. It is used to build mobile apps. Many innovative apps of 2020 were made using React Native.
Do you want to know about more apps that were transformed or completely developed using it? We have listed them down below:

Innovative React Apps:

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1. Facebook:

Facebook is a big social media platform, and its mobile app needs constant changes and upgrades to keep it spick and span. Changing the base code of such a big app requires a lot of workforces. So, to lessen the time and the number of people needed to bring about this change, Facebook developed React Native and was the first in the industry to use it.
As the attempt was quite successful, others started to follow in its footsteps.

2. Walmart:

Walmart has always been among the top apps that satisfied customers with their user interface. They were among the few who introduced Node.js in their stack. And after some years, they rewrote their code using React Native.
After using React Native, their number of downloads increased in both the Play Store and App Store.

3. Skype:

There was a time when Facebook boomed, and the use of Skype became less and less. That’s when they decided to use React Native in 2017. The whole look of their app changed. Even the icons were updated, and they became pretty user-friendly.

4. Instagram:

After seeing the success of React Native, Instagram also jumped on the bandwagon of redesigning its app. It was facing a slight issue with delivering new features to Android and iOS simultaneously, and React Native helped it effectively because 88 to 99% of the code was the same.

5. Tesla:

Tesla is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, and even it announced that it would use React Native in its mobile app’s code. The users of Tesla use the app daily, and continuous betterment is necessary to meet users’ expectations.


React Native is not only used by big companies that have billions of resources. Many small startups also use it as it has multiple benefits. It saves a lot of time as compared to native app developing frameworks. So, if you are thinking about creating a new app and don't know who to ask, React Native is here to help.