Team Building in Remote Work

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Remotely working has many benefits. You don't have to leave your home's comfort zone and work on time that suits you. No boss is hovering over your head during office hours. Also, there is no office drama to distract you from work.
After the pandemic, most work has shifted online, and numerous companies don't even have an office, as all their employees work from their homes. Though the advantages of telework might be countless, a challenge that almost all remote companies face is team building.
In this blog, we will discuss team building in remote work. Keep reading to learn more.

What is team building?

The process of bringing together a group of people that work in the same company through fun activities to promote teamwork and motivation is called team building. Having the element of the partnership is quite beneficial for companies working remotely.
Team building activities are a superb way to escape work tensions and relax the mind.

Remote Team Building Activities:

Don’t worry if your employees are thousands of miles away from you and each other. We have compiled a list of fun activities below that you can do while having them all in a virtual meeting.

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1: Create an online break room:

Physical offices have this advantage over remote work in that the employees can chit-chat with their colleagues whenever they want a break from work. Lunch breaks are vital in forming a bond between teammates. That’s why you should create a virtual room where your employees can log in to take a break and have a conversation over lunch.

2: Virtual events:

It is essential to hold real-life but virtual company events for your employees. Invite guest speakers and host the event impressively where the employees can ask questions and have meaningful discussions.
Not only will this make your staff members confident, but it will also benefit your company.

3: Icebreaker questions:

Before starting a new week, ask icebreaking questions from your teammates and unveil their personalities. It will give them a fresh start to the week, and they will know each other better. Some will find their mutual interests and hobbies giving them a topic to discuss. It is better to ask open-ended questions as it allows for better understanding. Some examples of these questions can be:

  • Who is your favorite singer?
  • What are your hobbies?

4: Sharing pictures daily:

Another fun idea is to ask your colleagues to send one picture in the group chat daily. It can be a photo of anything. It can be the lunch they had or their dog’s new collar. The possibilities are endless.
The vital thing to note here is that don’t force everyone to send a picture daily; one or two are enough to keep the conversation alive and entertaining.


Remote working can make employees feel isolated at times. That is why you need a support system always to reach out to if you feel down. Team building creates a strong team in which people can share their ideas and the problems they are facing without any hesitation. If you want your company to excel in every aspect, start working on team building, as it will yield fruitful results.